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...prehistoric survivors with a global message,
takes us on a photographic journey visiting the lilliputian world
of treefrogs living in the backyard habitats we share.

Remarkable survivors from prehistoric times, treefrogs evolved from early amphibians 250 million years ago. Having endured evolution, reptilian domination with the dinosaurs, and planetary upheaval, these petite gymnasts and nighttime musicians are delivering a colossal environmental message.

Treefrogs are an indicator species, a barometer of an environment's health. Ultimately, our ability to successfully act on the related issues facing us in the 21st Century will determine the prognosis for the survival of both treefrogs and humans.

Photographic instruction, information, and guidance are provided for the reader and the aspiring wildlife photographer in the section, “How the photographs were made.” This book will encourage any photographer to pursue macro photography of treefrogs with confidence.


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photo animal images

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You wouldn't think to find a tree frog book in Vermont, but you haven't talked to Ted about his book for sale. The book contains tree frog facts, tree frog pictures and tree frog photos for your viewing pleasure. If you're into frogs or even just nature in general you'll want a copy of this book!


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